We just released our brand new version 1.21.0 of the ISPProtect malware scanner.
It includes some new heuristics and updated signatures, but the main improvement is the possibility of sending mails through smtp instead of the internal PHP mail() function.

You can now define a smtp config file like this:

use_smtp = yes
smtp_host = mail.yourdomain.com
smtp_port = 465
smtp_user = yoursmtpusername
smtp_pass = yoursmtppassword
smtp_crypt = ssl

On a non-ssl server you will remove the smtp_crypt line from the config file or comment it out like

;smtp_crypt = ssl

and change the port to 25 or 587 depending on your server settings.
Instead of ssl you can use tls (which means STARTTLS).

After you defined this file you can use it with ISPProtect by adding --use-smtp=/path/to/conffile.

This is especially useful if you have no mail server on the local machine that does the scanning but you still want to receive email reports of the scan results.

Version 1.21.0 released including smtp support