Attention! We advise to only scan single sites with this web scanner as it can take really long time when using it on a ftp account with access to thousands of files. If you have root ssh access to your server, we always recommend using our downloadable scanner!

Your data is sent encrypted via https. Your FTP password is not permanently stored on our servers, it is deleted as soon as the scan starts. We do not store any of your web files on our servers.

Regardless of this, we encourage you to change your FTP password to a temporary one, when using this service.

Scans are limited to a total amount of 50,000 files per website. If you need to scan more files or don't want to use FTP, please use our downloadable ISPProtect Malware Scanner.

Start scan via FTP

You can get scan keys here.
If you want to try our service, enter TRIAL as scan key. The scan will run and show you, how many hits it got, but it won't show the file list on trial runs.