The new release 1.23.1 of ISPProtect malware scanner adds some useful options to the database scan.

  • --db-no-context hides the context output on hits that were found in databases.
  • --db-exclude=<dbname> excludes database(s) with name <dbname> from the scanning process.
    You can use wildcards in the name. ? replaces a single character, * any characters.
    So --db-exclude="sys?_*db" will exclude databases with names sys1_yourdb or sys2_mydb but not sys_db or sys2_yourdbxy.
  • --db-exclude-table=<tablename> works the same as database exclusion except it excludes tables from the scan. Wildcards will work, too.
  • --db-only=<dbname> is the opposite of --db-exclude and only scans databases matching the <dbname> setting. Wildcards are supported as well.
  • --db-only-table=<tablename> is the opposite of --db-exclude-table and only scans tables with names matching <tablename>. Wildcards are allowed.
New release 1.23.1 with improved database scan options