The new release 1.23.1 of ISPProtect malware scanner adds some useful options to the database scan.

  • --db-no-context hides the context output on hits that were found in databases.
  • --db-exclude=<dbname> excludes database(s) with name <dbname> from the scanning process.
    You can use wildcards in the name. ? replaces a single character, * any characters.
    So --db-exclude=”sys?_*db” will exclude databases with names sys1_yourdb or sys2_mydb but not sys_db or sys2_yourdbxy.
  • --db-exclude-table=<tablename> works the same as database exclusion except it excludes tables from the scan. Wildcards will work, too.
  • --db-only=<dbname> is the opposite of --db-exclude and only scans databases matching the <dbname> setting. Wildcards are supported as well.
  • --db-only-table=<tablename> is the opposite of --db-exclude-table and only scans tables with names matching <tablename>. Wildcards are allowed.
New release 1.23.1 with improved database scan options

Marius Burkard has been working as a software developer for 20 years and has several years of experience as a server administrator. As one of the lead developers of the ISPConfig control panel and technical contact for several hundred web hosting customers, he has extensive experience with malware, hacked websites and the analysis of vulnerabilities.