With the new version 1.22.0 of our malware scanner we introduced some additional features.

Custom PHP version

Sometimes you need to have several PHP versions installed on your server. Now you can decide which one of them is used by ISPProtect. Just prepend PHP=/path/to/phpbinary to your ispp_scan command, e. g.:

PHP=/usr/bin/php7.0/php /usr/local/ispprotect/ispp_scan

Ignore chmodded files

With our new version you can ignore files that have been chmodded to mode 000. Just use the argument --ignore-chmod0

Add custom php.ini directives

If you are in need of adding your own php.ini settings when running ISPProtect, you can now create a file named ispp_php.ini.local inside the ISPProtect installation directory. All entries of this file will be appended to the ispp_php.ini.

New ISPProtect version 1.22.0 released