Today the new version 1.26.1 was released. From now on it is possible to use wildcards for the scan.

For this there are the new parameters --include and --include-from, with which it is possible to narrow down the paths and files to be scanned more precisely. Also the parameter --path has been extended.

Assume that a customer's web directories are located on your server in /var/www/clients/client22/web52/web (as is the default for ISPConfig).

So far you had to specify --path as /var/www/clients for the scan if you wanted to scan all customer data. However, this also led to files being scanned, for example in /var/www/clients/backups/2018/09 etc. and also temporary files of the web pages.

From now on, you can use the following instead:

This is the same as if you were to specify:
--path=/var/www/clients --include=**/client*/web*/web/**

You can also combine --include and --exclude. Note, however, that --exclude has priority. So if you were to specify --path=/var/www/clients --include=**/client*/web*/web/** --exclude=**/client*/web12/**
all web pages would be scanned except web12.

New feature: wildcards in scan path