Today we released version 1.31.2 of ISPProtect Malware Scanner.

To update your ISPProtect instance, use ispp_scan --update.

New signatures

We have added several new signatures and heuristics to the scanner. As a result, even more potentially malicious PHP scripts are detected than before. We also added some files to the false positives and updated signatures of official web applications (e.g. WordPress).

Embedded scripts

Some attackers embed javascript in image files. The scanner now detects many files that are marked as image files, but contain Javascript and are potentially harmful to website visitors.

Deep scan in Stable

The Deep Scan feature is now included in the stable version of the scanner. More details can be found here.

Version check

The version check now also detects Typo3 versions 10 and 11.

Malware Scanner 1.31.2 with new features