Today we released version 1.19.0 of the ISPProtect malware scanner.

For this release we focussed on new malware signatures and a further improvement of scanning speed in level 2.
We managed to lower the scan time to less than 50% of version 1.18.x (on our test servers) by optimizing our heuristic checks. In addition we improved the --incremental feature.

By default the --incremental argument ignores files found to have malware inside and re-scans them during next run even if they were unchanged. You can now add --incremental=all instead to ignore those files on incremental scans, too. This is especially useful when you are using a daily cron and only want to get new malware hits.

ISPProtect malware scanner version 1.19.0 – speed improvements

Marius Burkard has been working as a software developer for 20 years and has several years of experience as a server administrator. As one of the lead developers of the ISPConfig control panel and technical contact for several hundred web hosting customers, he has extensive experience with malware, hacked websites and the analysis of vulnerabilities.