Today we released the brand new version 1.13.0 of our malware scanner ISPProtect.
We added a lot of new signatures and heuristics that address more than 20 types of new malware.

In addition, to provide more flexibility, we implemented a new feature to exclude files and directories on a scan by using the exclude argument.

To exclude some files or paths from scan you can use the --exclude and --exclude-from arguments, e. g. to exclude all PNG files, type --exclude="*.png" (case-sensitive)
To exclude a log directory, e. g. in ISPConfig websites use --exclude="**/log/*.log"
--exclude can be used multiple times but it might be more convenient putting all the exclude patterns in one file line by line (e. g. /usr/local/ispprotect/excludes.list) and provide --exclude-from=/usr/local/ispprotect/excludes.list or whatever path you chose.

ISPProtect 1.13.0 released – new heuristics and settings